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Benefits of SEO 

In a world where practically everyone is on the web, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will always make a big difference in how your business performs. But is SEO important for every business? Why should you learn SEO? Where do you even start? It can be tough to get a grasp of SEO and how it works, but when you utilize it correctly, you can expect amazing results.

If you’re new to SEO, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re about to discover why you should learn SEO, why it’s so important, and how you can get started right away. And if you’re worried about being low on resources, we have that covered for you as well, just read on and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

What is SEO?

To begin, we’ll simply go over what SEO is exactly. SEO stands for search engine optimization. A search engine is a website like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. In most cases, websites only care about their SEO ranking on Google because it is the most widely used search engine around the world.

The Importance of SEO to Businesses

Implementing SEO on a website will help improve it’s SEO ranking greatly, meaning it will rise in the SERPs aka search engine results pages. Ideally, a business will want their website to show up on the first page – even better, as the first result. Showing up on the first page of a search result isn’t the only thing to worry about; brands and businesses want to rank for relevant keywords and phrases that will help drive traffic to their site, bringing the potential customers.

Let’s say you own a traditional Italian pizza restaurant in Chicago. A good keyphrase you would probably want to rank for is “best pizza in Chicago”. This will bring in plenty of customers who found your restaurant from a simple, relevant Google search result. The same goes for a nail salon in Houston. A Houston nail salon would probably want to rank for a phrase such as “nail salon in Houston” or “Houston manicure”.

Needless to say, good SEO for your website will bring in more traffic, resulting in more customers. That means ranking for relevant keywords, having good quality content on your site, and implementing both on-page and off-page SEO. Let me explain what I mean by On-page SEO, it refers to your website’s keyword, headers, meta-data, loading speed, and more. Off-page SEO influences your site’s ranking from other sources, such as backlinks or directory listings.

SEO is more than just the practise itself, it’s the result. When a potential customer lands on your page, do they stay for a moment and engage with your site? Or do they immediately click away when they don’t find what they are looking for? The way people engage with your website has a large part in how it ranks. If Google knows that your page ranking on the first page for the best fishing poles of 2019 has information people are looking for, then it will continue to reward that page until competition beats you out. This is where keeping a consistent flow of quality SEO onto your site is important – so you never fall behind.


Why Should You Learn SEO?

Learning SEO is extremely valuable because you can rank your website for certain keywords to turn a profit. Whether you are running a business, own an e-commerce store, or offer a service, the internet is a remarkable place to obtain and retain customers. Knowing how to do SEO for your website is good because you know what is going on with your site. Rather than hiring someone who can only promise results, you can learn the practice and get the results yourself.

But what if you’re short on time? Perhaps you’re already employed and don’t exactly have time to be running your very own business or brand. SEO can still be valuable for you to learn. More and more people are looking for a way to escape the daily 9-5 grind, and we don’t blame them. If you’re looking for a way out of a dead-end job or just want a way to earn a living on your terms, then learning SEO with Wealthy Affiliate is something you should consider.

Wealthy Affiliate: A Citadel for Learning SEO and Making Money

Wealthy Affiliate offers people a way to build their own website and train them to earn money, even if they don’t know where to start. The most seasoned affiliate marketers and first-time affiliate marketers can benefit from becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can create an account for free and choose to upgrade your account if you would like.

Before we dive deeper into what Wealthy Affiliate is, let’s elaborate a bit on affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing program is a way for brands and businesses to sell their products & services. When you choose to become an affiliate marketer, your goal is to drive sales to a product, a brand or services a company is offering. Similarly, being a car salesman, when you convert a lead into a buying customer, then you get a percentage cut.

The goal of many affiliate marketers is to market their affiliate so well or to market several affiliates, to produce a passive income. Passive income is money that’s made without you working for it directly. So the idea is this: you build a website around an affiliate product or service, implement SEO on that website, optimize it for conversions, and earn money for the conversions. Because you don’t offer the product or service yourself, this income is passive. All you had to do is to set up the groundwork, which is the website, SEO, and sales funnel.

How Wealthy Affiliate Works

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing programme for those who are just dipping their toes into the SEO and affiliate marketing world. It can be tough, competitive, and confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Wealthy Affiliate offers people a place where they can build a website for free and utilize an affiliate program for potential earnings.

There are many available programmes for people to create websites on and promote them. From health and fitness to stock investment services, there is an affiliate program out there for everyone. Build a free website promoting the affiliate of your choice with Wealthy Affiliate. This saves you both time and money.

Learn How SEO Works

Practice the ins and outs of SEO with your free Wealthy Affiliate website. Since you have a chance to make money as you practice, you will be more motivated to implement the skills you are learning about. When it comes to SEO, small details matter. Think about the meta-data, picture tags, descriptions, keyword density, and so much more.

Wealthy affiliate offers its members’ training videos. Free members have limited access, so if you want in on the entire scoop of valuable information, you can become a paid member for premium access to learning courses. Rather than doing the online research yourself, you can watch videos and speak with Wealthy Affiliate support about your website and learn about where you can improve.

The Best Way to Learn: Is learning by doing

Like most things in life, the best way to learn SEO is by doing it. Utilize the things you learn about SEO on your own sites. Keep track of how your website performs. You’ll know if the SEO is working if your site is rising in the SERPs. Another thing you must always remember is to keep track of what other sites are doing, especially your competitors.

You can’t expect to rank number one on Google if you’ve never ranked a page on the 20th, 14th, 10th, 6th, or 3rd page before. There are millions of web pages on the internet. That means there is a lot of competition. That also means you need to get going now. Start learning about SEO and implementing it on a free website in your free time and see what happens. You may surprise yourself, and you may also realize you still have a lot to learn. Either way, with a free website to test with and a free way to earn money along the way, Wealthy Affiliate makes the effort worth it.

Make Money While You Learn SEO

Like we mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate allows its users access to their catalogue of affiliate programs to potentially make money from. Not just that, there are online video training courses, valuable research articles, and a live chat support centre to help guide you along the way. All of this information is extremely useful in saving you time when you simply don’t have any. By spending just a couple of hours a week utilizing Wealthy Affiliate research and building a free website, you can make money while you learn SEO.

An Opportunity You should not  Miss Out Off

If you’re like most people, who like to do things in their free time then I suggest this is for you. Wealthy affiliate design their programme in a simple way for all that are willing to learn to have access to their programme. You can learn at your own pace, design a free website, and even make money while you are learning! Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a practice tool, it’s an invaluable source of knowledge that can be used on future projects and businesses you decide to build in the future.

When you start to get the hang of SEO, you can start making a real name for yourself. Find something you love and create a career out of it. Figure out those keywords you want to rank for and implement the things you’ve learned from Wealthy Affiliate to build a successful brand or business of your own.

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you want to do, but you are sure you don’t want to keep working for someone else. Wealthy Affiliate makes it possible for you to make a living off affiliate marketing. If you get good enough at SEO, you can start earning enough passive income from affiliates to where you don’t need to keep working your normal job anymore. Can you imagine that?! That is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.


It doesn’t matter if you feel swamped at work or you’re having a hard time finding a job. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in college or you’re having a mid-life crisis. SEO is both a present and future profession, think about this, everyone needs a website for their business, but why? it’s a Millenium work for anyone that need turn around. Arm yourself with valuable SEO skills and take matters into your own hands. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a website for free and practice SEO with no repercussions. In fact, you can do it all for free and earn a profit from affiliate conversions.

For what it’s worth, Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate place to learn SEO as well as affiliate marketing. You don’t have to feel stuck or lost anymore, everything you need to start your new carrier with is in Wealthy Affiliate. If you truly enjoy what they have to offer, then you won’t regret becoming a premium member for even more benefits.

If you ever need or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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